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"Les Cartons of Anaïs" are large sheets of cardboard boxes that Anaïs collects from different shops in Brussels boutiques to give them a new life and prevent them from becoming waste. 


As the mother of two little girls, she discovered cardboard by playing with them. Cardboard is full of surprises: easy to handle and decorate, solid, and eco-friendly.


Anaïs was an architect for 7 years, before settling in Brussels. She then decided to explore the possibilities of cardboard and develop new creations: Les Cartons d'Anaïs were born!


Anaïs takes advantage of their lightness, their robustness and the possibility of folding them to make original, practical and eco-friendly creations: both for shops, but also for children and their parents!


The idea of les Cartons of Anaïs: to help change mentalities about our consumption patterns by offering ecological products that we can make our own.

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